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Hello, I'm Sayuri. February in 2015, I have stayed Cambodia for a week. I'd like to talk about it today. 



I joined study tour hosted by NGO. It was a first time for me to visit the country, what is called "developing countries".



There are three things impressing me.



1. エネルギーが凄い


1. People's energy 

During the stay in Siem Reap, I walked the town and I saw people. I felt enormous energy from this country. I wonder if it was because Cambodia was the developing country. Maybe I'll overstate a little but I felt people's positive energy such as "Let's make the better country!".


2. 孤児院


子供達とお別れの時間になり、さよならをしていた時、ショッキングな出来事がありました。私に人一倍懐いていた9歳くらいの女の子が、「money 」と口にしたのです。お金が欲しいんだ、と分かりました。今まで懐いてくれて遊んでいたのは、こうして最後にお金を要求するためだったのか、と思ってしまいました。すると、すごくショックで、悲しい気持ちになり、結局聞こえなかった振りをして、そのままお別れをしました。




2. Orphanage

One day, we went the orphanage. There were some buildings where children play, study and sleep. Actually it wasn't good condition and I thought stuff and spaces were not enough. There were about fifty children there. Most of them wore clothes which wasn't clean and some of them didn't wear shoes. We couldn't understand what we said each other because of the language barrier. But we enjoyed spending time together. Children's smile were cute and brilliant. I thought it was same no matter where the country was. 

When I had to say goodbye to children, I felt sadness and shock. Because the girl, who took to me very well, said " money " to me. I noticed that she wanted money. I though " What was the fun time with her? Was it for money?". I was very shocked and I didn't give her money. 

But I couldn't forget this experience after leaving the orphanage. I thought " Should I give her money?"and I hated me "How small heart I had"...

After back to Japan, I still couldn't forget and  thought about it. I talked about it with many people. Recently one of my friends said " Children were not bad. Did they just imitate adults?", another friend said " They just enjoyed a time with you, not for money. And they remind money so they said money to you, I think." I haven't think like that but I understood it. 

Still I don't know what I should did at that time. Or maybe there're no right answer. I asked many people to "What will you do if you were in the situation like me?" Answers were various. I wonder if the next time I'll be in the situation like these, what will I do...


3. 本当の「豊かさ」

シェムリアップでは色々な人を見ました。路上で物乞いをしている人や、服を着ていない子供達。その一方、自然がたくさん広がっていて、牛や犬、鶏などがあちこちにいて、ハンモックでお昼寝をしている人がいて、のんびりと暮らしている人達も見ました。「ガイドになりたい。」と夢を語る女の子や、「いつか日本に行きたい。」と言うガイドさん。物や設備、制度など足りないものがあるのは確かだと思いますが、日本にはない良いところもたくさんあると思いました。カンボジアの人々がより幸せに暮らせるようになってほしいと思いますが、建物をたくさん建てたり、莫大な資金援助をしたり…そういうことだけでは、人々は幸せにならないのではと思います。日本には物が溢れていて、多くの人が最低限の暮らしは出来る社会になっているはずなのに、自殺をする人が多く、働きすぎて過労死する人も少なくありません。「物質的な豊かさ」=「精神的な豊かさ」ではないと思います。本当の豊かさとは、幸せとは何でしょう。 私は、”人との繋がり”を強く感じられたり、”自分が自分らしく生きていける”、そんな環境が”幸せ”の要素の一つかなと思います。

3. Real happiness 

I saw many people in Siem Reap. I saw people begging money on the road and children who didn't wear clothes. On the other hand, we could see wonderful nature, there were caw, dogs and birds here and there. There were people who live the slow life like they slept on the hammok. I met the girl who said her dream was be a guide. I met the guide who said his dream was visiting Japan someday. Actually there were not enough facilities, building, stuff and so on in Cambodia. But at the same time, there were something good which Japanese people didn't have or lost.  Definitely I think it's important to support building, stuff and money. But I think it isn't enough for people's happiness. In Japan, maybe  many people don't have trouble with life because there are enough stuff. But the suicide rate is very high and some people died because of overwork in Japan. So I think it's not equal "physical wealth " and " mental wealth". What do you think real wealth and happiness? I think one of these essential elements are connections with people and the place where we can live as we are. 







Finally, I want to say, maybe the situation in Cambodia has changed because over two years passed since I visited there. 

I stayed only a week, but I could think and feel so much. I really appreciate it to Cambodia.




Thank you for reading! I'm so happy if you enjoyed it. 

Aw-koon! ( means "thank you" in Khmer language)



NGO's study tuor I joined