Hello, I'm Sayuri.





Today, I'd like to talk about ship trip. 

I joined "ship for world youth leaders" (SWY). If you are interested in details about this program, please check the website below . →http://www8.cao.go.jp/youth/kouryu/bosyu.html

It's difficult to summarize this program in a few words but... I'll say " Ship trip with 240 youth including 11 countries for a month ".



You can know the details of it in the internet so today I want to talk about what I felt and what I thought.



Two months has passed since I backed Japan. I'd like to tell you 8 things what I felt and thought.




1. Everyone has own color 

India, Ukraine, Egypt, Kenya, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Fiji, New Zealand, Tonga and Japan. I could see various countries, cultures, religions, thinking of values and etc...Everyone has a own identity. Everyone are different. I thought it's really simple, and matter of course, but it's really wonderful and beautiful. If you cannot do something, you can ask someone who can do that. Such like this, we can cooperate with each other. So, I felt that "I am only one. No one can replace me and I cannot replace anybody."




2. The importance of friends 

Sometimes I was struggling with something, I felt sadness and depression. But all that time, someone supported me. I couldn't overcome these problems and depression without my friends. If I said " I have a trouble...", someone helped and supported me. Even if I couldn't asked help to someone, someone noticed my trouble and talked to me " Are you okay?" I was always supported by my friends. I little regret that I couldn't support my friends a lot. I'm so much happy because of my awesome and kind friends.





3. The time of alone 

I love spending time with my friends and it's important things for me. But at the same time, it's also important for me to spend time by alone. I need alone time, it's mean, if I spend time with someone all the time, I feel something bad, tight and uncomfortable...So sometimes I went deck and just saw beautiful sea, heard the sound of wave, sometimes though something, and sometimes nothing thought. 





4. Empowerment

As I said,  I couldn't support many people. But at least I could give positive effects to some friends. I have some challenging experiences, such as short speech, accompanied on the piano and more simple ones was that just saying my opinion in a small group. In such a situation, one of my friends said that she felt positive energy from me, and another friend said that she wanted to challenge something like me. It was so happy that I gave positive effects on some friends. And of course, I was impressed, empowered and encouraged by many friends.





5. Stereotypes 

At the first time I got on the ship, I usually asked "Where are you from?" to people who met the first time. And I tried to force someone into stereotypes unconsciously. It was strange. Sometimes I asked religion and countries. I think countries and regions are of course very important but I felt somehow strange to ask these things every time. So I stopped asking about it to people who met the first time. I think it's more important to know what he/she like,  what he/she think important and how he/she live. 




6. Atmosphere we can challenge 

On the ship, we can change various things. No one blame, be angry or look down on me even if I make a mistake. When I tried to challenge something, many friends helped and supported me with warm heart. So I could challenge many things without fear of failure. I wish we could make such an wounderful atmosphere the out of ship too.






7. On the ship 

I loved just spending time on the ship so much.  Although sea-sick was really horrible, I want to travel by the ship someday again. We enjoyed seeing, hearing and feeling wonderful nature such as sea, wave, air, sunrise, sunset, star, dolphin, whale, seagulls...I saw many unforgettable and wonderful view. There were no wifi. So if we wanted to communicate with someone, we had to find friends or write a letter. It seemed a little bit inconvenient, and totaly different from my ordinary life. But I didn't felt stress. Even more, it was comfortable and happy. Everyday I lived for 'now', not 'past' or 'future'. I felt strongly that 'I'm living'. 



8. Meeting with new people

The most interesting and memorable memories for me was meeting new people. It was same as all the time I traveled. The girl I talked with at beach and the lady I talked with in the load in Vanuatu, students I met in school in New Zealand, family who invited me to their house and people met in the souvenir store in Fiji, old lady who spoke to me in the beach and young men who was a taxi driver in Solomon Islands...and, many wonderful, kind, awesome, crazy and lovely friends I traveled with as a SWYer. 




Thank you for reading my article! If you couldn't understand what I said, I'm sorry. Please leave comments and ask me.